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President's Message


Thank you for visiting the official site of the Hunmin Jeongeum Society.

Hunmin Jeongeum is the original name of the native Korean alphabet Hangeul invented by King Sejong. People in Korea still celebrate the creation of Hunmin Jeongeum on what is now called The Hangeul Day, which is the only one of its kind in the world. Considering that literacy and numeracy were key contributing factors to human civilization, the annual celebration promotes a universal value. Many world-renowned linguists acknowledge Hunmin Jeongeum as one of the most distinguished writing systems. Although basically an alphabet, it also has the characteristics of featural writing system, syllabary, and logogram. Furthermore, it is digital-friendly and can be used to easily and efficiently transcribe sounds of many other languages.

Our mission is to study the characteristics of writing systems from many parts of the world, including the study of Hunmin Jeongeum. Upholding the spirit of King Sejong's fight for literacy, we intend to contribute to the worldwide development of language culture. We periodically publish Scripta, which is the only academic journal fully dedicated to the study of writing systems. We would like to encourage scholars of scripts to use Scripta as a platform of sharing research and enhancing knowledge on writing systems. We are also interested in the documentation and preservation of many endangered languages without a writing system.

We commit ourselves to make the best of our efforts to fulfill our mission. We welcome your attention and support.


January, 2012

President, Lee SeungJae

The Hunminjeongeum Society
#201 Wonam Bld.
723-25, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-Gu
Seoul, Korea 140-894

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