Scripta 2013: Evolution of Scripts

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Scripta 2013: Evolution of Scripts

The 5th International Conference of the Hunmin jeongeum Society (SCRIPTA 2013)

Conference date: October 12, 2013

Venue: Seoul National University. Seoul, Korea

Day 1 (October 11, Friday)
18:00-20:00 Welcome Reception (Hoam Faculty House)

Day 2 (October 12, Saturday)
09:00-09:30 Registration (Sinyang Humanities Hall)

09:30-09:40 Opening Ceremony
Moderator: KO Heejeong (Seoul National Univ.)

Welcome Address: LEE SeungJae (President, the Hunmin jeongeum Society)

Morning Session (09:40-12:40)
Moderator: Olivia Milburn (Seoul National Univ.)

09:40-10:20 Imre Galambos (University of Cambridge)
A continuous evolution of Chinese characters
Discussant: YUM Jungsam (Seoul National Univ.)

10:20-11:00 Stephen Wadley (Portland State Univ.)
Manchu transliteration of names and its implications
Discussant : KO Dongho (Chonbuk National Univ.)

11:00-11:20 Coffee Break
Moderator: HAN Jae Young (Hanshin Univ.)

11:20-12:00 KIM Juwon and NAM Kwonhui (Seoul National Univ. and Kyungpook National Univ.)
Critical bibliography of Hunmin jeongeum haerye (Sangjubon) and its brush-written notes
Discussant: JANG Yoonhee (Inha Univ.)

12:00-12:40 PAEK Doo-hyeon and AHN Miae (Kyungpook National Univ. and Dongguk Univ.)
Scientific principles in the creation of Hunminjeongeum and their applications to text-input systems
Discussant: CHOI Woonho (Mokpo National Univ.)

12:40-14:30 Lunch (Jahayeon)

Afternoon Session (14:30-17:30)
Moderator: BAE Chul-Hyun (Seoul National Univ.)

14:30-15:10 J. Marshall Unger (The Ohio State Univ., National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics)
Experimental support for the DeFrancis-Unger typology of writing systems
Discussant: PARK Jinho (Seoul National Univ.)

15:10-15:50 Willem Adelaar (Leiden Univ.)
The Andean three-vowel system as an inheritance of the historical convergence between the Aymaran and Quechuan language families
Discussant: PARK Hansang (Hongik Univ.)

15:50-16:10 Coffee Break
Moderator: SAITO Ayumi (Seoul National Univ.)

16:10-16:50 Timothy Vance (National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics)
The mysterious popularity of 〈ou〉 in romanized Japanese
Discussant: KANG In-sun (Univ. of Sungkonghoe)

16:50-17:30 LEE SeungJae (Seoul National Univ.)
Old Korean writing on wooden tablets and its implications for Old Japanese writing
Discussant: KAWASAKI Keigo (Soongsil Univ.)

18:00-20:00 Reception (Hoam Faculty House)

Day 3 (October 13th, Sunday) ~ Day 4 (October 14th, Monday)
Academic Tour to Gyeongju City

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