Scripta 2013: Evolution of Scripts

by scripta posted Apr 10, 2017


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Scripta 2013: Evolution of Scripts

The 5th International Conference of the Hunmin jeongeum Society (SCRIPTA 2013)

Conference date: October 12, 2013

Venue: Seoul National University. Seoul, Korea

A continuous evolution of Chinese characters
Imre Galambos

Manchu transliteration of names and its implications
Stephen Wadley

Critical bibliography of Hunmin jeongeum haerye (Sangjubon) and its brush-written notes
KIM Juwon and NAM Kwonhui

Scientific principles in the creation of Hunminjeongeum and their applications to text-input systems
BAEK Doo-hyun and AHN Miae

Experimental support for the DeFrancis-Unger typology of writing systems and its implications
J. Marshall Unger

The Andean three-vowel system as an inheritance of the historical convergence between the Aymaran and Quechuan language families
Willem Adelaar

The mysterious popularity of 〈ou〉 in romanized Japanese
Timothy Vance

Old Korean writing on wooden tablets and its implications for Old Japanese writing
LEE SeungJae

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