SCRIPTA 2008: Hunmin jeongeum and Alphabetic Writing Systems

by scripta posted Mar 11, 2013


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Scripta 2008 Front (proc08v01_001_front.pdf)


Towards Further Understanding of the Indus Script (proc08v01_002.pdf)

              Asko Parpola


The History of the Research into Hunminjeongeum (proc08v01_003.pdf)

              Hyeon-hie Lee


The Vowel System and Vowel Harmony in 15th Century Korean Revisited (proc08v01_004.pdf)

               Young-Key Kim-Renaud


Some Remarks on Hankul Transcriptions of Middle Japanese (proc08v01_005.pdf)

               James M. Unger


History and Principles in the Study of Writing: Questions, Problems, Agendas (proc08v01_006.pdf)

               Barry Powell


Tokens and Writing: The Cognitive Development (proc08v01_007.pdf)

               Denise Schmandt-Besserat


Germanic Runes and the Interpretation of Old English Inscriptions (proc08v01_008.pdf)

               Young Bae Park


On the Alternatives for an Wutun Orthography (proc08v01_009.pdf)

               Juha Janhunen


Towards a Comparative Study of Sinographic Writing Strategies in Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese (proc08v01_010.pdf)  

               Zev Handel


Evidence of the Persian Empire's Multilingualism and Interpretation of DB (proc08v01_011.pdf)

               Chul-Hyun Bae

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