SCRIPTA 2010: Writings and Civilizations

by scripta posted Mar 13, 2013


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Scripta 2009 Front(proc10v01_001_front.pdf)


Ancient Indian and Chinese Models of Sound Classifications and Their Reflections in the Writing Systems(proc10v01_002.pdf)

          SONG Ki-joong


Numerical Signs The Sumerian and Chinese Cases(proc10v01_003.pdf)

          GONG Yushu


The Developments of Japanese Kana(proc10v01_004.pdf)

          Masayuki TSUKIMOTO


Sino-Japanese hybrids between writing systems(proc10v01_005.pdf)

          Valerio ALBERIZZI


Styles of decipherment: Thomas Young, Jean-Francois Champollion and the Egyptian hieroglyphs(proc10v01_006.pdf)

          Andrew ROBINSON


Glossing East and West: Vernacular glossing practice in East Asia and Medieval Europe(proc10v01_007.pdf)

          John WHITMAN


On the Early Korean Numerals Inscribed on Wooden Tablet no.318(proc10v01_008.pdf)

          LEE SeungJae


Aspects of writing Manchu in Han-geul in Joseon Dynasty(proc10v01_009.pdf)

          KO Dongho

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