SCRIPTA 2011: Writings and Cognition

by scripta posted Mar 13, 2013


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Scripta 2011 Front(proc11v01_001_front.pdf)


Tokens in China, Europe and Africa(proc11v01_002.pdf)

          Denise SCHMANDT-BESSERAT


Khitan: Understanding the language behind the scripts(proc11v01_003.pdf)

          Juha A. JANHUNEN


Categorization of meaning in the Chinese ideographic characters(proc11v01_004.pdf)

          Jungsam YUM  


Hieroglyphic writing in ancient Egypt and its cognitive involvement(proc11v01_005.pdf)

          Pascal VERNUS  


A proposal for a Hunminjeongeum-based writing system for Aymara(proc11v01_006.pdf)

          SeungJae LEE, Juwon KIM, Sangchul PARK, Hui JIN, Chang Min KIM  


Tongguk chŏngun and the phonological system of Middle Korean(proc11v01_007.pdf)

          Rei FUKUI  


The rebirth of Hangeul(proc11v01_008.pdf)

          KIM Young-wook


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