SCRIPTA 2012: Interactions of Writing Systems

by scripta posted Mar 13, 2013


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Scripta 2012: Interactions of Writing Systems

The 4th International Conference of the Hunmin jeongeum Society (SCRIPTA 2012)

Conference date: October 9, 2012

Venue: Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

• Scripta 2009 Front (proc12v01_001_front.pdf)


• On alphabetical ordering: Some principles and problems(proc12v01_002.pdf)

          Richard SALOMON


• The spirit of alphabet and monotheism(proc12v01_003.pdf)

          BAE Chulhyun 


• The cultural transmission of scripts in Africa: The idea versus the system of writing(proc12v01_004.pdf)

          Alex de VOOGT  


• The interdependence of writing material and scribe’s posture as reflected in calligraphic shift and historical script development in 1st millennium BC Northwest Semitic alphabets(proc12v01_005.pdf)

          Reinhard G. LEHMANN   


• On the origin of the Glagolitic script(proc12v01_006.pdf)

          JUNG Hakyung   


• Andean Khipu and Spanish alphabet: Interdependence and opacity(proc12v01_007.pdf)

          Frank SALOMON   


• Can a logographic script be simplified and remain logographic? The example of 20th century Chinese writing reform(proc12v01_008.pdf)

          Zev HANDEL  


• A different interpretation of the preface to Hunmin jeongeum by King Sejong(proc12v01_009.pdf)

          LEE Hyeon-hie & LEE Soo Yeon

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