Call for Papers of SCRIPTA Vol. 2 (2008.12.16 게시)

by scripta posted Feb 28, 2013


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[2008.12.16 17:12:32]

Dear colleagues:


The Hunminjeongeum Society was founded for the advancement of research into writing systems in 2007. The society has two major objectives: Firstly, the society will stimulate the worldwide research on human writing systems including Hunminjeongeum, the Korean alphabet. Secondly, the society will make every effort to accelerate the study of endangered languages not recorded in writing, and to offer their native speakers a writing system tailored to the need of their languages. The society publishes SCRIPTA annually.


           We invite academic papers that will be published in SCRIPTA Vol. 2. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

• organization of a writing system usage of a writing system not well-known

 history of letters or characters

 deciphering an unknown writing system

 inscriptions or documents on a writing system

 spreading a writing system among the public

 codification or digitalization of a writing system

 design of letters or characters


          Submission should not substantially duplicate work that authors have published elsewhere. The length of the submission should not exceed 25 pages including the bibliography and appendices, with 11 point fonts in the size of envelop B5. It is strongly recommended that submission be written out using the style sheet that be downloaded from


          Important dates are:

 Submission deadline: March 31, 2010

 Review deadline: June 30, 2010

 Acceptance notification: July 31, 2010

 Publication: September 30, 2010

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