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President's Message


Dear Members,


Hi, I am YURN Gyu-Dong, the sixth President of the Hunmin jeongeum Society who has started the presidency since January, 2014. I feel enormous pressure with this important position. I will do my level best to inherit and upbuild the achievements of my predecessors Prof. KIM Juwon, Prof. PAEK Doo Hyun, Prof. LEE SeungJae, Prof. LEE HyeonHie, and Prof. HAN Jae Young

As you know, the Hunmin jeongeum Society has been holding two important conferences every year. One is the international confernece collecting the mondial research achievements in writing systems in October and the other is the national conference with the domestic results of research in terms of orthography and graphonomy in May. Outstanding achievements presented in these conferences are published in SCRIPTA, a special English journal for the study of writing systems and graphonomy. The Hunmin jeongeum Society is doing another important role of supporting peoples whose languages do not have writing systems by disseminating Korean Alphabet system Hunmin jeongeum and helping them write their languages in Hunmin jeongeum. These missions can be possible only with great assistance from Members and benefactors. I welcome your continuous interest and support.

I hope that the research upon writing systems can be achieved more deeply and more widely with novel research topics and passionate academic activities of the scholars throughout the world. Thank you.

January, 2018

President, YURN Gyu-Dong

The Hunminjeongeum Society
#201 Wonam Bld.
723-25, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-Gu
Seoul, Korea 140-894

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sketchbook5, 스케치북5

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